Agile Work News

  • Don’t forget Fido for greater workplace well-being

    IA has some great workplace images of pets in the workplace. The article cites a study showing the impact of pet presence on employee well-being.


    There’s no doubt pets are good for people, so why deprive them of their comfort for half their waking hours?

  • Telecommuting up 115% says new report – Demographic data offers some surprises

    The 2017 State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Report was released today by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs.


    The report covers trends in the telecommuting workforce over the last ten years including:

    • Demographics of the average telecommuter (age, gender, education, salary)
    • Telecommuting by industry, occupation, and sector
    • Telecommuting by metro area (prevalence and growth)
    • Actual and potential economic and environmental impact of telecommuting
  • Technology is often neglected in workplace change initiatives 

    Last week in Chicago, and MetaProp NYC presented a LIVE seminar about “Innovative and Productive Workplaces.” Hosted by JLL, the coffee-fueled event brought together some of the brightest workplace strategy experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with today’s rapidly changing office technology. Ed Nolan, JLL’s Managing Director of Workplace Strategy …


    This is a must-read for any organization involved in workplace change. We so often operate in silos that unless IT is leading the change, it’s the last thing the workplace strategist thinks about.

  • 2017 Global Workplace Trends Report from Sodexo offers a wealth of information 

    … with a growing understanding that many subtle factors influence employee performance, smart companies are looking to disciplines such as space design, wellness, intergenerational learning and corporate responsibility to gain an edge. 


    Per usual, @Sodexo has pulled together a must-read report about the current and future state of work.

  • Expedia UK has the happiest employees, but not because of great offices. 

    It takes more than cocktails and table football to make a happy workforce. Respect and job security are vital.


    Expedia has been the #1 happiest places to work for two years running, but it’s not because of office esthetics, it’s because they actually care about their people.