Agile Work News

  • IBM’s recall of remote workers sounds like a death rattle. Say “goodbye” to the best and brightest.

    “Everyone I know is very upset,” says one employee, who like most interviewed asked to remain anonymous while discussing an employer. Some workers furiously began looking for new jobs. Others say they have stopped contributing to long-term projects because they aren’t sure whether they’ll be around in the future. “


    They can say “goodbye” to the best and brightest talent. Iike Yahoo and Best Buy, IBM is in deep trouble. Somehow that seems to create a “circle the wagons” reaction.


    But the connection between co-location and collaboration or innovation has NOT been proven. Many of the studies often cited in these arguments date back to the early 1990s when working at a distance was much more difficult. 


    What has been proven is that: 1) open offices are distracting and counterproductive. They are a particular nightmare for introverts who make up over 40% of employees; and 2) workplace flexibility is key to attracting and retaining talent.

  • Subtle signs of employee engagement are everywhere, even the office fridge and bathroom stall.

    One morning last week, I opened the office refrigerator and saw that a gallon of milk had spilled inside. It was 8:30am, and I was facing my first moral test of the day: Would I clean it up, or shut the door and slowly back away? At my old job, I’m sad to say


    Engagement surveys are important, but a careful look around the office can offer a quick read. When people show respect for their space and their co-workers, it shows. 

  • Now here’s an interesting headline: “Fight Trump. Work from home”

    About 135 million Americans commute to work, and according to a 2016 survey by research firm Global Workplace Analytics (GWA), 50 percent of them have jobs they could do remotely at least part time. If all those workers skipped the commute just every other day, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as we would by taking 9 million cars off the road.


    The article points to employer and employee benefits of remote work including reduced work-life conflict, lower greenhouse gas emissions, a reduction on the outbound migration of talent, and even…increased voter turnout!

  • Subway system adds musical surprise and increases stair usage by 66%

    If ‘something is as simple as fun’, it’s the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. Behind such a simple idea is a lot more than you might think. The Fun Theory, an initiative supported by Volkswagen, set themselves the challenge to prove this… In this exact case there’s a set of stairs, leading out …


    What a great way to get people to exercise. 

  • Dell’s goal of 50,000 employees telecommuting by 2020 driven by real estate savings and sustainability 

    “Whether you call it telecommuting, remote work, mobile work or distributed work, these flexible-work arrangements are here to stay, …says Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, a San Diego-based consulting firm that specializes in flexible-workplace strategies.”


    Already 20k Dell employees work at home and average of about 10 days a month. Their program dates back to 2009 when they discovered their office space was grossly underutilized.