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Obama Behind Telecommuting
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Obama Behind Telecommuting

Telecommuters, freelancers, and work at home entreprenuers take heart, help is on the way. Given that the President works at home, and is techno-savvy, it’s encouraging to hear that the $7.2 billion in funding to promote high-speed Internet that’s in the stimulus package is just the first step in the Obama administration’s effort to fuel expansion of telecommunications services. That’s a lot of money, but...

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17 Feb 2009
Work From Home “It’s the Law”
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Work From Home “It’s the Law”

Minnesota Law Requires State Workers to Telecommute Boy, the folks in from the State that invented the stapler really get it when it comes to encouraging their state agencies to let their employees work from home. And they put their money where their mouth is. Under Minnesota Statute 1994 S. 15.95 sub 10, no state agency may propose or implement a capital investment plan for...

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07 Feb 2009
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Is Economy Knockout Punch On The Way?

Six months ago we pointed out to those of you who work from home that credit problems could be the next punch delivered to an already staggering economy. Reuters reports today that the credit card industry may pull back over $2 trillion (trillion with a T) in credit over the next 18 months because of their increasingly risk adverse attitudes and changing regs. But that...

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03 Dec 2008
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