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Telework in Government (not much, that is)

Image via Wikipedia For over a decade, laws addressing telework (under various names – “work at home,” “flexible  work,” “telecommuting,” etc.) have been in effect for Federal employees. The main legislative mandate for telework was established in 2000 (§ 359 of Public Law 106-346). This law states  that “[e]ach executive agency shall establish a policy under which eligible employees of the  agency may participate in...

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22 Sep 2009
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Undress For Success Review From Down Under

Image by Long Zheng via Flickr I’m prejudiced, and I admit it. Now that’s just not right, you should judge each person on the own merit regardless of race, color creed, or national origin. And I really do believe that. Except when it comes to national origion. Sorry, but if you’re from Australia I have a knee jerk reaction, and I just like you. And...

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17 Sep 2009
Cyberwar Will Threaten Telecommuters’ Livelihood
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Cyberwar Will Threaten Telecommuters’ Livelihood

Cybersecurity is key to successful telecommuting practices, and recent developments in cyberwarfare make the issue even more crucial. I’ve always had an interest in cybersecurity, perhaps because, in a previous incarnation, I taught a computer security course for the Department of Defense. As a spinoff from that, I was occasionally asked to help organizations identify weakness in their security practices,and that was always interesting. Cybersecurity...

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16 Sep 2009
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Networked people are changing business

When people in networked markets can get faster and smarter information from one another than from the companies they do business with, businesses need to work differently. They need to understand that their customers are living, breathing creatures who want a one-to-one relationship, not just one-way rhetoric. People are not ‘seats’ or ‘eyeballs’ or ‘end users’ or ‘consumers’. They are human beings that are the...

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15 Sep 2009
Work at Home Poll on
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Work at Home Poll Offers Hope

Randy Duermyer,’s Home Business Expert, always has something interesting going on. His recent poll asked the question: Did you find work from home or did it find you? Of the 7,600+ people who responded (yeah, his readership is huge), 16% said they went after it and got it. Now call me a glass-half-full kinda gal, but I think that should be an inspiration to...

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22 Aug 2009
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