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Telecommuting Is Often Poorly Understood
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Telecommuting Is Often Poorly Understood

Deb Perelman over at ZDnet posted a blog last week titled “What your boss hates about telecommuting.” She argues that Telecommuting is often poorly defined. Not every company, or job role or individual is cut out for remote work. There is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. Can’t argue with any of those points, in general. But she doesn’t seem to understand some of the fundamentals...

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22 Jul 2008
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Telework pros and cons

Going Virtual, Going Green: A Manifesto by Jared Seeger at Huffington Post makes a good case for telework, and includes a reference to some of our research. While the article made a convincing case, a few readers still questioned the value of telework. We’ve spent the last year researching the advantages and disadvantages of work-at-home programs for our forthcoming book Undress For Success – The...

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16 Jul 2008
Telework Can Lower Stress On Weak Infrastructure
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Telework Can Lower Stress On Weak Infrastructure

Another disturbing trend we alluded to on earlier posts in our economy series has raised its ugly head. Four big-city mayors told Congress yesterday that they’re overwhelmed by infrastructure needs and can’t maintain their water systems, roads and rail networks without more federal help. Nevermind install an information utility alongside water and electric public services. CNN quotes the Kansas City, Missouri Mayor: “We’re having a...

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13 Jun 2008
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