John Dvorak to IBM: Telecommuters Are Not Slackers

John Dvorak to IBM: Telecommuters Are Not Slackers

“It seems these decisions (recalling telecommuters) are all about optics, though; make it look like the office is full and bustling. To these CEOs, it’s freaky to have remote workers who cannot join endless, spur-of-the-moment meetings.”


Sharon Wall (GSA Regional Administrator) has a line I love, “Telework doesn’t create management problems, it reveals them.”

In this global, mobile society, whether people are 9 floors, 9 miles, or 9 time zones away, they are connecting remotely. The days of managing by walking around are gone forever because, like Elvis, the people have already left the building.


Let’s stop calling it telework or telecommuting and deal with the reality that people are working anywhere, everywhere, and at all times. Resisting it is useless. The genie is not going back in the bottle. What employers should be doing (the good ones already are) is putting the policies, practices, and training in place to optimize the results for people, planet, and profits.



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