Kate Lister and Tom Harnish have spent their combined 80 working years (they started at a very young age) as entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, and even corporate employees. Along the way they’ve learned a thing or two about a wide range of subjects and are frequently called upon to pontificate on topics such as workplace strategy, business management, entrepreneurship, innovation, finance, wellness, science, technology, aviation, the future, and more.

As workplace strategy thought-leaders, Kate and Tom have earned the respect of leading public and private sector of professionals around there world. Their work is grounded in rigorous research, and they maintain a proprietary database of over 4,000 case studies, academic papers, and news items on the impact of work and workplace on employee engagement, attraction and retention, sustainability, shareholder value, productivity, wellness and well-being, and more.

Kate and Tom are frequently quoted in a wide range of media, called upon to produce industry papers and articles, and sought-after as speakers.

Together, they have written three books, numerous white papers, hundreds of articles, extensive web copy, and an acclaimed e-learning course used companies in American and Europe.

Books by Kate Lister and Tom Harnish

Publisher, John Wiley & Sons

  • Undress For Success—The Naked Truth About Making Money from Home
  • The Directory of Venture Capital (two editions)
  • Finding Money—The Small Business Guide to Financing

White Papers

Kate and Tom’s white papers have been sponsored by organizations including: Citrix, Knoll, Delos Living,, WorkshiftCanada, and others. All can be downloaded here.

Thought Leadership Papers on Mobile Work and  Telecommuting

  • Federal Telework — Obstacles and Opportunities (2013)
  • Federal Telework—Return on Taxpayer Investment (2013)
  • The Bottom Line on Telework for the Thurston (WA) Region State and Local Government (2013)
    • This paper led to a Governor’s proclamation to increase pubic sector telework.
  • The State of Telework in the U.S. – Five Year Trend and Forecast (2011)
  • The Bottom Line on Telework In Canada (2011)
  • The Bottom Line on Telework – California State Workforce (2011)
  • The Shifting Nature of Work In The UK (2011)
  • Telework in the US: The Bottom Line Benefits (2010)

Other White Papers and Commissioned Work

  • The Business Case for Workshifting in Canada (forthcoming, 2016)
  • The Impact of Work and Place on Employee Well-Being: Making the Business Case (forthcoming, 2016)
  • What’s Good for People: Moving from Wellness to Well-Being (2015)
  • Results-Based Management – Unlock Talent, Increase Productivity (2010)
  • Financial Sector Brief (private client project)
  • Analysis of the impact of technology on work-life conflict in the U.S. (International Labor Organization; part of a worldwide study)
  • The Business Case for Employee Well-Being (private client project)

Our Own Blogs/Curated Content

Social Media Presence


Kate and Tom have written hundreds of articles on a wide range of topics for organizations including American Express, Entrepreneur magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Journal of Banking, and many others.

Tom’s Articles American Express OpenForum (click link or images below for the 70+ articles written by Tom)


Kate’s Articles for American Express OpenForum (click link or images below for the 50+ articles written by Kate)


Kate’s column and features for Entrepreneur magazine. (click link or images to read some of the 70+ articles Kate wrote for Entrepreneur)


Other Writing

Kate and Tom have also written articles for: the Wall Street Journal, Workshifting—a Citrix Blog (here and here), Broadband Breakfast, Work&Place magazine, Work Design Magazine (here and here), Facilities Management Journal, the Federal Times, Best Practices Magazine, and others.

A wide range of styles:

Kate and Tom can be funnyserious (serious enough for the Wall Street Journal), opinionated, impartialsnarky, and everything in between (click on the links or the images below for examples of each):

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e-Learning Course Authors

Kate and Tom co-authored an on-line interactive course called “The Case for Change” to help executives, middle managers, and employees better understand and embrace the need for workplace change. It has been translated in a dozen languages and is being used by organizations across the globe including: U.S. General Services Administration, Deloitte, Zurich Financial, AT&T and others.


 Web Site Development

Tom has built, maintained, and populated more than dozen web sites (including this one).

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Award-Winning Photography

Kate and Tom are award-winning photographers and can create images that enhance their articles.


Speeches, Workshops, Webinars

When Kate and Tom aren’t working with clients or writing about new ways of working, they’re happy to talk about it both virtually and in person. They have spoken at industry events for organizations and sponsors including Citrix, Verizon, SXSW, U.S. General Services Administration, U.S. Office of Personnel Management,  the Society for Human Resource Management, Department of Defense Computer Institute, the Facilities Management Association, Greenbuild, CoreNet, WorldatWork, Verizon, Wharton School of Business, Temple University, Corestates Bank, Keystone Bank, Liberty Bank, Unisys, Eastman Kodak, and others.

Click here for links to our past speaking engagements.

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Contact Kate & Tom About Writing for You

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