Pro Workplace Savings Calculator™

Over 100 Variables and 600 Calculations
Our custom calculators include over 100 variables and 600 calculations. Default assumptions, based on our extensive research, pre-populate the variable fields, but working closely with your HR, Real Estate, IT, and Sustainability people, we can customize a model to suit your needs.  Our defaults are based on a synthesis of over 4,000 sources on alternative workplace strategies such as telework, hoteling, desk sharing, open offices and other flexible work programs.

Various Scenarios
Once we’ve built your custom model, we can run a number of scenarios for particular divisions, locations, job categories, or other workforce groups. The results can then be combined to reflect organization-wide impacts on people, planet, and profits.

Documenting and Communicating the Business Case to Stakeholders
The scenarios form the foundation for your business case. Once complete, we can help you shape how that case is communicated to different stakeholders. This can take the form of webinars, train the trainer sessions, or integrated into a web-based e-learning platform in cooperation with our partner is the leading global provider of customizable web or learning platform-based training specifically designed around new ways of working. Free access to for a trial of their most popular courses, The Case For Change and Managing a Distributed Workforce, are available qualified employers. Just email kateATglobalworkplaceanalyticsDOTcom with details about your interest in their courses and number of employees. Additional information about their courses is available here.

When it comes time for implementation of your new workplace strategy, we can assist you in selecting the people, products, and tools that will ensure your program’s success. Visit our What We Can Do for You page for more details.

For additional information or a demo of the actual Workplace Savings Calculator™, please give us a call (760-703-0377) or email kate(at)globalworkplaceanalytics(dot)com. You can try a lite version of the calculator here (lite version is specific to telework). Additionally, the following pages may be of interest:

Note: Some of the fields in the example below are left blank to maintain confidentiality of the source of this real data.

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