Think driverless cars won’t impact your business? Think again. 

Think driverless cars won’t impact your business? Think again. 

Fast food, real estate, military operations, even home improvement — many large industries will have to shift their strategies in the wake of driverless cars.


The article points to 33 industries that stand to win or lose when humans take a back seat to driving. The more interesting ones include:

  • Parking garages/lots: According to Mckinsey, driverless cars could eliminate the need for 61 billion square feet of unnecessary parking space. Remaining spaces will need to be reconfigured for the new normal.
  • Residential real estate: Bloomberg predicts a devaluation of urban residential space allocation of space. An increase in urban sprawl is predicted by many. Homeowners may repurpose garages as living space.
  • Commercial real estate: The phrase "location, location, location" will lose its importance.
  • Healthcare: Collision-free driving could reduce US healthcare costs by $500B/year. 
  • Insurance/Legal professions: 94% of car crashes are due to human error. Driverless cars will shift the insurance burden to the manufacturers/fleet owners and reduce litigation.

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