FutureWork Forum

The Telework Research Network founders are partners in the FutureWork Forum, a global think-tank and consulting group. Founded in 2003, FutureWork Forum partners use their knowledge, experience and unique access to help organizations in both the private and public sector to solve tomorrow’s work problems today.

FutureWork Forum’s independent, talented, and experienced people help organizations anticipate the future of work for competitive advantage. The Partners include architects and industry analysts; market researchers and media experts, personal coaches, mentors and motivators; presentation specialists; entrepreneurs; planners; manpower experts and strategists; writers, editors and interviewers.

The FutureWork Forum partners are all experienced senior managers who have developed successful independent consulting practices in key locations around the globe. They use their expertise and experience to:

  • Research future-of-work issues
  • Act as “expert witnesses” to organizations and institutions
  • Provide consulting services to senior managers and corporate planners
  • Write, report and present future-of-work issues
  • Present, debate and chair conferences and seminars on future world-of-work issues

Every FutureWork Forum partner represents a unique set of skills and experience. Mixed and merged, they  provide outside-the-box analyses, thinking, and solutions.