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  • WE Love Our Sponsors!

    Thanks to our GREAT sponsors, WE are able to bring our members the WE:Brief, WE:Binars, great connections, outstanding events, and more.


    To learn more about sponsorship, contact Glenn Hodge and David Burden for questions or click here to download details.  

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  • IFMA’s Workplace Management Program is like getting a Ph.D. in Workplace. Join the live session at WWP in Phoenix on 10-15.

    The on-site Workshop will leverage the power of the group and will use a team approach.  Participants will review the content from the three preparatory live Webinars, participate in dialogue and apply the learning as we explore relevant case studies. The course is designed to help future workplace managers develop the skills necessary to optimize the value of the workplace and effectively manage the organization. 


    Workplace Management is a dynamic, emerging discipline that designs and delivers an organization’s unique workplace experience, aligning it to strategic drivers and business goals.  It coordinates all the disciplines and infrastructure needed to deliver an integrated ‘experience’ in a powerful, economic and effective way, every day.

    The Workplace Management Program (WMP) is comprised of four modules, each of which includes three live Webinars  and one on-site Workshop. The first workshop will take place at WWP in Phoenix on October 15, 2019.


    The completion of all Modules and final Workshop will lead to a certificate of completion in Workplace Management.


    This is the first certificate of completion program in our industry! Space is limited (prerequisites may be required). Sign up now:

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  • Join Workplace Evolutionaries for a full track of educational and case study presentations at IFMA’s World Workplace, Oct. 15 to 18, 2019

    Registration is open for World Workplace Phoenix!


    Workplace Evolutionaries will have its own track of fabulous educational sessions at World Workplace this year (Oct 15 to 18th, Phoenix AZ). It will include 15 dynamic session and case studies. Click here to download the WE Track Event Flyer!


    Don’t miss out on the WE Sip happy hour Tuesday 10/15 from 4:30-6PM (sponsored by Proxyclick) and the WE Tour & Social on 10/17 (sponsored by Gensler and CBRE). Reservations are required – click on the link to reserve your spot.

    Sign up early to join the WE Sip happy hour Tuesday 10/15 and the WE Tour & Social 10/17
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  • HOK’s “Designing a Neurodiverse Workplace” report is a must-read

    Neurodiversity, is an umbrella term for people who aren’t neurotypical, and includes such conditions as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and others. HOK’s comprehensive report shows how businesses can design for inclusion of this portion of the workforce.


    Fifteen to twenty percent of people have conditions that mean, to borrow a phrase from Apple, they “think different.” They represent a hugely under-utilized portion of the workforce. 


    Designing workspaces that are more inclusive of their diversity can help them perform better. A buzzing florescent light can be annoying for some but debilitating for others.


    The report offers practical takeaways including specific design strategies, operational changes, and individual adjustments that can help not only this underutilized source of talent thrive, but benefit the rest of your workforce in the process.

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  • Don’t miss out on upcoming WE Hub events near you!

    WE Hubs are cropping up all over the world. Find one near you!


    9/18 from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM

    WE HUB Southeast Wisconsin Presents: Blending WELLNESS with ZERO; Inspiring efficient people within environmentally invisible buildings
    Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel, Milwaukee WI

    Expert Dave Hubka will be sharing his expertise on balancing human health with sustainability.


    November 12 from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM

    WE Hub Mid-Atlantic Summit: Debunking Workplace Myths
    Spire, East Vista/VUE Space, Washington D.C DC

    The Mid-Atlantic WE Hub can help you debunk some of the most common myths out there. Join us for a half-day Summit that will give you the answers you seek. Based on constituent polling we have selected three current myths. Our subject matter experts will discuss how those myths started, why they’re perpetuated, and what the real story is.

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  • Recent studies show wellness programs don’t work. So what does?

    “The research shows that employer health and wellness efforts fall short despite company investments in on-site gyms, ergonomics and healthy food choices…”


    Summary results from a survey of 1,600 professionals shows the right air, light, water, and temperature are more important to employees than perks like fitness facilities and healthy food choices.


    If your wellness programs aren’t working, maybe it’s time to go back to the basics.

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  • Forget STEM, the real skills gap is behavioral

    While digital skills remain important, soft skills have surpassed them in importance for executives around the world."


    Kids are learning skills today for jobs that won’t exist by the time they graduate. Skilled people fuel the global economy, but the half-life of useful skills is shrinking at a rapid rate. AI will pick up some of the load making retraining a crucial corporate function and uniquely human skills even more valuable. Behavioral skills such as agility and flexibility, ability to set priorities, innovation and creativity, ethics and integrity will be prized. 


    Amazingly, 50% of organizations are whistling past the graveyard with no skills development strategies today. And those that do have one are going to have to find new ways to find, train, and retain talent. Using analytics to predict and infer skills supply and demand will be essential.


    This report will help you understand the issue and provide three intriguing solutions: make it personal, turn up the transparency, and look inside and out.

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  • The enterprise guide to closing the skills gap

    While digital skills remain important, soft skills have surpassed them in importance for executives around the world.

    The half-life of skills continues to shrink, while the time it takes to close a skills gap has ballooned. Executives must find ways to stay ahead of skills relevancy.




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  • How would CRE/FM change if, as the headlines say, “Shareholder Value Is No Longer Everything”

    Chief executives from the Business Roundtable, including the leaders of Apple and JPMorgan Chase, argued that companies must also invest in employees and deliver value to customers.


    There was no shortage of commentary about the need for a new corporate purpose that came from the collective mouths of the chief executives of Apple, Pepsi, Walmart, and nearly 200 other organizations last week. Basically, these organizations agreed they must look to satisfy not just their investors, but a wide range of stakeholders including employees, suppliers, and the environment.

    Isn’t this what WE has been championing for years? While there’s nothing really new here, and the sentiment was criticized by many for its lack of specific commitments, it may be a harbinger of C-suite receptiveness toward many of the programs we support. It’s time to show they’re good for not more than the bottom line, they’re good for people and planet too.

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  • This is a test, this is only a test

    In the event of  a national emergency, you would be instructed to not freak out, etc

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