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  • Don’t miss these upcoming WE events.


    March WE:binar – Health is the New Black

    Thursday, March 21, 2019 Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT Hosted by  Megan Campbell and Emily Dunn Health is the New Black “You think you know coworking, But you don’t” Discussion Topics: – The loneliness epidemic – What does coworking look like from a global perspective – Statistics on how coworking can make humans happier […]


    IFMA Facility Fusion 2019 
    Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta GA – April 8-10

    Join WE at Facility Fusion for leading edge presentations, WE Case Studies, a highly interactive workshop and tour of some of the most progressive workplaces in Atlanta.


    RICS Regional Summit. 4-24, Vancouver CAN RICS World Built Environment Forum, 5-13, New York RICS Regional Summit, 6-5, Los Angeles


    IFMA’s World Workplace 2019
    Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix AZ

    Registration is open for World Workplace Phoenix!

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  • How To: Use coworking to enhance your workplace mix

    Learn when off-site coworking facilities can be a benefit and how to go about making sure they are successful. This is a rapidly growing part of the working population.


    Each month WE contributes an article to FMLink. This month, Workplace Evolutionary, Susan Streur looks at the risks and rewards of using coworking as part of the corporate real estate mix.

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  • How To: Quantify the ROI of Workplace Change

    FMJ’s  How-To Guide features article on how to quantify the impact of workplace change.


    WE contributes a monthly column to FM Journal. This month Workplace Evolutionary, Kate Lister shows how to quantify the impact of workplace change on productivity, engagement, and turnover and offers tips on how to design spaces that improve all three.


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  • Leigh Stringer’s summarizes takeaways from First Annual Design Well Conference in San Diego

    In case you missed it, here is a recap of the recent Design Well pre-conference and conference in San Diego, California that took place January 21-23, 2019.


    Here’s a recap of some of the topics and recommended resources  at this Friends of WE event:

      – Check out ASID’s WELL Platinum+LEED Platinum space (with metrics)

      – Mindful materials offers a one-stop-shop for data on the health and environmental impact of products from leading manufacturers

      – Kay Sargent stressed the need for attention to neuro-diversity in workplace design

    There are many more in the full recap.

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  • Human Capital Reporting – Coming to a Shareholder’s Report Near You

    "Depending on the extent to which companies voluntarily adopt the new ISO standards, stakeholders — investors, analysts, customers, and current and prospective employees — would have a new category of data with which to assess organizational value and the prospects for financial and non-financial returns from investments in human capital."


    A group of large institutional investors (representing $80 Trillion in assets) have been pushing the SEC to require companies to report on human capital practices. Late last year, ISO released its guidelines; 23 metrics across 9 categories including diversity, ethics, trust, productivity, skills, availability and more.  

    Some countries are likely to make this reporting mandatory. Interestingly, the article indicates the conversation has shifted from one of providing a measure of corporate value to one of disclosing good (or bad) citizenship.

    Workplace strategists might look to this list for examples of good pre/post-project metrics.

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  • Less than a third of companies are confident they are using employee data responsibly

    "The cost of decoding organizational DNA irresponsibly is high, as are the rewards of getting it right: the difference in growth rates between losing and earning employee trust through the use of workforce data is as much as 12.5 percent, or U.S. $3.1 trillion globally."


    An Accenture survey of 1,400 global executives showed while nearly two-thirds  of businesses are using new technologies (such as wearables, workplace applications, and online activity monitoring) to gather workforce information, only 30% say they are certain they are using it responsibly.

    Other insights from the report include:

      – 31% are holding back on investments in technologies due to employee concerns

      – 49% say in the absence of legislation, they are charging forward without taking measures toward responsibility

      – 70% of employees would give permission to employers to collect data if they were given more control over its use

    The article offers a risk/reward analysis by industry and examples of businesses acting responsibly.



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  • Organizations moving away from productivity and revenue KPIs in favor of customer experience; Innovation may suffer

    Employees will always be a critical factor in any innovation program – both coming up with new ideas that address real problems and seeing them through to fruition,” says Neil Sholay, Vice president of Innovation, Oracle. “But they need an effective and supporting culture of innovation to be successful. 


    A new study from Oracle shows companies are not prepared to innovate. Mostly they lack commitment and clear ownership. The result is failure to follow through on more than half of proposed innovations. Perhaps worse, the emphasis on customer experience as KPI, may be at the expense of employee engagement. Only 44% see organization pipeline as key to innovation and only 41% consider the impact of company culture.


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  • BNY Mellon’s move to rescind work-at-home leads to employee mutiny and quick reversal

    “We have listened and learned,” CEO Charlie Scharf said in an email to employees worldwide.


    U.K. employees were reportedly so distressed by the move they were considering legal action. "We did not fully appreciate the level of impact this would have on those employees with existing arrangements,” said CEO Scharf. He originally backed the move citing increased collaboration and quicker decision making, but after the employee outcry, announced he was rethinking the move.

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  • What POE, LiFi, and 5G will mean to the future of buildings

    "The benefits of “smart” technologies and operations for design, construction, and ownership/operations are now inescapable."


    If you haven’t thought about how power-over-Ethernet (POE), LiFi, edge computing, or 5G will impact the future of buildings (or if you’re scratching your head wondering what these are) this article is for you.

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  • What if every surface in your home or office could respond and morph throughout the day?

    What if the future smart home were more than gadgets, wires, and flashing lights? What if instead, we used technology to make the existing spaces around us more beautiful?"


    You’ve no doubt seen or heard of lights that can change color throughout the day, but what about walls? lampshades? sofas? artwork? While the technologies and materials that make this possible are mostly found in laboratories today, you can bet they’ll be coming to a home or office near you in the not-too-distant future.

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