Collaboration: The Great Creativity Killer

Collaboration: The Great Creativity Killer

The best organisational cultures are tolerant of the loner, the thinker. – John Wade “If I was you,” said a colleague recently “now would be a very good time to involve customers, to get more people involved”. No, I thought, right now that would be the worst thing we could do. Collaboration can kill creativity.…


People do their best thinking in private, NOT in groups. Over 800 studies show this to be true. So why do we keep building open workplaces under the guise of increased Innovation? 


When is collaboration useful?

  • When dealing with complex problems that span a range of disciplines
  • For getting buy-in
  • When dealing with fundamental and/or strategic problems


When isn’t it?

  • You really need to think
  • You need radical thinking
  • When you need a quick solution

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