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Thank you for using our Workplace Savings Calculator™. The results below are based on the most authoritative telework and workplace savings model available anywhere.

While you can only change a few of the variables in this free calculator--which specifically models only telework--there are more than four dozen other variables that power the model. The default values we've uased represent what we believe to be cautious estimates based on our synthesis of over 1,000 case studies and research papers on the topic.

The pro version of our Workplace Savings Calculator™ allows us to create highly customized models and business case analyses of a variety of alternative workplace strategies--such as telework, hotelling, desk sharing, co-working, and other flexible work programs--for our corporate, government, and community clients.

If you are looking for help in making and communicating the business case for workplace flexibility, telework, and other agile work strategies, we want to help.

While this calculator is specific to remote work, we also have U.S, U.K, and Canadian models that quantify the benefits of workplace flexibility, office hoteling, desk sharing, and four-day workweeks. We also have models specific to federal/public sector employers, call centers, and other industries.

Email Kate – at – GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics – dot – com for a quote on your own custom Calculator.
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