Fifth biennial benchmarking study reveals big shifts in workplace strategy

Fifth biennial benchmarking study reveals big shifts in workplace strategy

Many of what we once considered alternative workplace strategies, have now become mainstream. Now in its fifth year, this benchmarking study was conducted by Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), Global Workplace Analytics, and Haworth Inc., and additionally supported by Workplace Evolutionaries, a community of practice within the International Facilities Management Association. Over 130 organizations representing over 2.3 million global employees responded. The results were compared to longitudinal data collected across four similar surveys fielded since 2008.


The ‘Once Alternative Workplace Strategies Report’, reveals significant changes in how and where people work. Some of the more interesting findings include:

  • The worry over a loss in productivity when people are able to work anywhere is entirely unfounded.
  • People impacts, rather than cost savings, are now the primary measure of success
  • Internal mobility has more than doubled since 2008; External mobility (working at home, coworking places, outside the office) has remained flat
  • Nearly half of employees are still permanently assigned to one space; no change since 2008
  • Employee involvement in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of workplace change programs has decreased significantly

The free 50+ page report can be downloaded at


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