Forget STEM, the real skills gap is behavioral

Forget STEM, the real skills gap is behavioral

While digital skills remain important, soft skills have surpassed them in importance for executives around the world."


Kids are learning skills today for jobs that won’t exist by the time they graduate. Skilled people fuel the global economy, but the half-life of useful skills is shrinking at a rapid rate. AI will pick up some of the load making retraining a crucial corporate function and uniquely human skills even more valuable. Behavioral skills such as agility and flexibility, ability to set priorities, innovation and creativity, ethics and integrity will be prized. 


Amazingly, 50% of organizations are whistling past the graveyard with no skills development strategies today. And those that do have one are going to have to find new ways to find, train, and retain talent. Using analytics to predict and infer skills supply and demand will be essential.


This report will help you understand the issue and provide three intriguing solutions: make it personal, turn up the transparency, and look inside and out.


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