Is your job killing you? The answer is ‘yes’ for many of us.

Is your job killing you? The answer is ‘yes’ for many of us.

Too many Americans are trapped in toxic jobs, a problem employers and employees need to take more seriously. Jeffrey Pfeffer, an organizational behavior professor at Stanford who wrote the book Dying for a Paycheck, found through his research that poor management in U.S. companies accounted for up to 8 percent of annual health costs and was associated with 120,000 excess deaths every year."


Work is the leading cause of stress and stress is a leading cause of many chronic problems including poor sleep, digestion, issues, depression, over-eating, pain, and more. While the article offers a couple of token ideas for reducing stress, the author’s best advice to those with toxic jobs is to get a new one. Given the cost of losing a good employee and the war for talent, reducing employee stress and ferreting out the root causes ought to be an employer’s job #1.


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