More Telecommuting in 2008 Job Forecast


Harried commuters, stop your engines. Telecommuters and freelancers, man your keyboards., the nation’s largest online job site, just released it’s 2008 Employment Forecast and it’s good news for those of us who despise all that cubicle hobnobbing and water cooler chit chat.

Number two among the eight major employment trends for 2008 is more flexible work arrangements. Desperate to find and retain good people, almost 40% percent of employers plan to be more flexible in 2008.

• 78% will offer alternate schedules – come in early and leave early or come in later and leave later,

• 38% will offer compressed workweeks – work the same hours, but in fewer days,

• And 33% will offer telecommuting / work-from-home options.

What’s more, 31% of employers plan to use freelancers in 2008 – creating even more opportunities for pajama pros like us.

The survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of The full survey can be found on CareerBuilder’s website.



  1. This is a great news. It’ll have a great effect on a lot of things. BTW, thanks for visiting my site.

  2. Positive news, freelancers are a good option for the SME and I know many who have seen increased workloads in the recent times. I think it can only be a positive as it brings more diversity.

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