Our New Study on Telework in UK Released

Our New Study on Telework in UK Released

We recently finished an analysis of UK government and private data that shows employees in ol’ Blighty could save £4,300 per year, and employers £3,000 per worker per year if those that could (and wanted to) started working from home just 2 days a week.

That would also have the same effect as taking 2.5 million cars off the road, something Londoners who still have to commute would certainly appreciate.

Download the PDF by clicking here or on the image.

The report, titled The Shifting Nature of Work in the UK, concludes that workplace flexibility laws that that promote home-based working and other forms of flexibility as a special accommodation are outdated. Companies that have successfully integrated telework have found it is good for business, good for employees, good for the environment, and good for the economy.

The analysis, sponsored By Citrix Online UK, was conducted in cooperation with and Wisework Ltd..

Andy Lake, Editor of Flexibility said, “Government needs to lead the way by example. For example, twice weekly telework among civil servants could reduce the nation’s deficit by over £2 billion, mainly through savings in oil imports, reduction in traffic deaths/injuries, and lower property costs.”

Our own Kate said, “Progressive companies have learned that when they ignore the where, when, and how work is done, and focus on results, their people are more productive, more creative, and more successful. This new way of working allows companies to do more with less – less real estate, less pollution, less overtime, and less waste.”


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