Undress For Success


For thousands of people, a work-at-home job, freelance career, or home business is their road to freedom, control, and happiness. But what kind of work is available? And, how do you separate the real opportunities from the thousands of bogus work-at-home scams that dominate the Internet?


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Undress for Success offers honest, real-world information on home-based jobs, businesses, and careers that can change your life. Based on the authors’ three decades of experience working from home, this comprehensive guide explores and explains everything you need to know to about how to simplify your life with a work-at-home job or business. It’s the perfect guide for anyone who’s sick of the office lifestyle and ready for a change.

This practical step-by-step guide details the who, what, why, and how of working from home: the advantages and disadvantages, the skills and traits you’ll need to succeed, and how to avoid losing your shirt as you undress for success.

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This have-it-your-way handbook is crammed with proven approaches for earning a living at home. If you’re an employee, you’ll discover how to successfully pitch a work-at-home program to your boss or find a new employer who loves the idea. If you want to freelance, Undress For Success offers a guide for how to find, price and get paid for your work. And if you want to run a home business, it reveals the motivations, talents, and resources you’ll need to get started; it identifies best-bet home businesses; and it offers true stories about what it’s like to work where you sleep. If you’re an employer or government leader, you’ll find a fascinating look at how at-home workers are more productive, help reduce traffic, and even slow global warming.

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This book offers work-at-home hope for everyone from high school grads to PhD’s, secretaries to programmers, Gen Y’ers to Baby Boomers. From interviews with people who work at home you’ll learn about the techniques, technologies, and strategies that make them successful. Undress for Success is the ultimate guide for making the road less traveled your way to work.

Foreword by Jack Nilles, The Grandfather of Telework and author of Internationally-acclaimed Managing Telework – Strategies For Managing the Virtual Workplace