Table of Contents

Undress For Success JacketAcknowledgments

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Foreword by Jack Nilles


E-work, The Bare Essentials

Chapter 1: Who E-works and What Do They Do?

Chapter 2: What’s in It for Me?

Chapter 3: Expose Yourself – Are You Right for E-work?

Chapter 4: Dirty Underwear – Uncovering the Scams

Pajama Paychecks: Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

Chapter 5: Who’s Paid to Work at Home and What Do They Do?

Chapter 6: Take Your Job and Love It

Chapter 7: The Naked Truth about Your Boss

Chapter 8: What’s in It for Your Employer?

Chapter 9: Making Your E-work Pitch

Chapter 10: Best-Bet E-work Employers

Chapter 11: Work as a Call Center Agent

Chapter 12: Work as a Virtual Assistant

Chapter 13: Work as a Medical Transcriptionist

Chapter 14: Work as a Teacher or Tutor

Chapter 15: Work as a Remote Tech

Chapter 16: Work as a Writer

Chapter 17: Work in Telemedicine

Chapter 18: How to Navigate the Web in Search of E-work

Chapter 19: Using the Job Boards to Find E-work

Chapter 20: Your Digital Resume

Chapter 21: Collaboration and Social Networking for E-work

Freelance in Your Frillies

Chapter 22: Who Freelances and What Do They Do?

Chapter 23: Putting Your Best Slipper Forward

Chapter 24: What Am I Worth?

Chapter 25: Proposals and Contracts

Chapter 26: Finding Freelance Work

Bedroom Businesses

Chapter 27: Who’s Running Home Businesses and What Do They Do?

Chapter 28: The Right Fit

Chapter 29: Designing the Perfect Business

Chapter 30: The Business Model

Chapter 31: Best Bet Businesses

Chapter 32: Business Planning

Chapter 33: Naked Truths about Home Biz

Does It Come with Batteries?

Chapter 34: Home-Based Technology

What If Everybody Did It?

Chapter 35: Let’s All Undress