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JLL’s Annual Occupancy Benchmarking Guide

JLL survey reveals latest work styles require new planning methods


JLL's Annual Occupancy Benchmarking Guide came out in December. The whole report is a must-read, but here is some data to wet your appetite:



- 69% Report occupancy benchmarking and metrics

- 51% report density (rsf/seat)



- 52% report density of 150-225 rsf/person (highest in N.A.)

- 72% report 150-225 rsf/seat (100% in Latin America)

- RSF/person is highest for Utilities industry and lowest for Communications (263 sf and 158 sf respectively)

- 41% have office-to-workstation ratios at 10+% (down from 57% in 2017)



- 66% track space utilization (72% for EMEA)

- 43% use a combination of technology and observation

- 30% track utilization on an on-going basis

- 38% utilize their office space less than 60% of the time

- Highest utilization among non-profits, lowest in utilities



- 30% of global respondents (and 64% of APAC) have more than 20% of employee population designated as mobile (not needing an assigned desk)

- Mobility highest in N.A. and lowest in LA/SA

- Of those with mobility programs

  - 80% Utilize neighborhoods

  - 80% Use IWMS or CAFM to track mobility

  - 61% Have mobility space standards

  - 36% Have work-at-home programs (down from 45% in 2017)


The report additionally offers industry and geographic breakdowns, and data about space standards, workstation size, visitor workspace, case studies, and more.