Telecommuting Common at 84 of Fortune Top 100

Telecommuting Common at 84 of Fortune Top 100

Fortune magazine just announced its annual roundup of the 100 best employers and guess what’s common to 84 of them? Ding, ding, ding – tell ’em what they’ve won Johnny? That’s right, a free pair of bunny slippers.


Wow, 84 out of 100 top employers trust their employees to work from home, all by themselves, without adult supervision. Welcome to the 21st century!

Here are the most enlightened among them:

Company and their % of Regular Telecommuters

  • Cisco 70%
  • eBay 48%
  • Booz Allen Hamilton 34%
  • S.C. Johnson & Son 32%
  • American Fidelity Assurance 30%
  • Shared Technologies 26%
  • Principal Financial Group 23%
  • Goldman Sachs 22%
  • Yahoo 20%
  • Qualcomm 18%

As for the rest of employers who are still stuck in the dark ages, wake up and smell the exhaust. Whodoya figure’s attracting the best people?



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