Telecommuting and Swine Flu in the News

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Karen Klein at included some of our words of wisdom in a story about about telecommuting and Swine Flu today. Before another flu season is upon us, companies should be planning for how they’re going to respond to an  H1N1 outbreak.

Her suggestions for employers include:

  • Practice telework now – don’t wait until the worst happens to find out don’t know what your doing.
  • Have a up-to-date phone tree so you can notify your employees in the event of an office closure.
  • Review/update your Continuity of Operations Plan.
  • Know that if you disclose an employee illness, you may be violating their privacy.

Read the rest of “Preparing for a Renewed Swine Flu Outbreak” at

If you’re an employee with health issues that put you at particular risk for the flu, be sure to talk to your employer about your need for an alternative work arrangement if your office becomes infected.

While flu predictions have been wrong before, there’s just no way of knowing. Downside planning trumps wishful thinking any day.

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