Telework grows during recession

Telework grows during recession

The naysayers said telecommuterers would scuttle back to the office during these tough economic times, but US Census data shows that’s didn’t happen.

We compared the 2005 data to just-released 2010 work-at-home numbers and the percent of employees that “worked primarily at home” increased in every category (for-profit, non-profit, state, fed, local).

No surprise, the self-employed numbers went down. When things get tough the economic inertia of a big company is nice to have to back you up.



  • NonSEWAH is regular office employees, the non-self-employed non-work at home folks
  • SE Total is total self-employed
  • SE WAH is self-employed who work at home
  • WAH is everyone who works at home, self-employed and employees
  • WAH NonSE is employees who at home, the non-self-employed people who work at home





  1. Angel Lebak Says: October 18, 2011 at 6:10 am

    This is a great post, I am sharing it with my people. I agree with the information, and have experienced it first hand with my clients and Virtual Assistants I train as well.

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