The fake news about Millennials…Let’s get the facts straight 

The fake news about Millennials…Let’s get the facts straight 

Maybe many of the assumptions we make about Gen Y aren’t unique to this generation. Maybe they’re specific to young people in general, writes Amanda Ruggeri


Garbage in, garbage out as they say, and in terms of designing for millennials, your workplace may be the garbage. That Gen Y is so different really is fake news. Remember beanbag chairs, lava lamps, and nahru jackets? What if workplaces had been completely redesigned to fit young boomers? 


This article debunks nearly all we think we know about Millennials. Compared to other generations:

  • They work harder
  • They are more respectful of authority
  • They stay on the job longer


Though not covered in this article, other research shows they are not more collaborative, tech savvy, or social.


Critically, in terms of workplace design, like every generation in the past, they will change throughout their lives. Already, the trends are showing the eldest among them are buying cars, having kids, and moving to the suburbs to raise them.


The bottom line is, it’s time to stop making assumptions about how people are , get out there and talk to them about what they want and need, and design with the knowledge that they will change over time. 


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