The why and how of ‘play’ at work

The why and how of ‘play’ at work

When we play, we improvise, imagine, and inspire—all of which is good for business. Here’s how to add playfulness to business strategy.


The article suggests that somewhere between improvisation and imagination lies inspiration and play is essential to all three. It asserts that play is not the opposite or work, that’s leisure. Play is part of productive work, especially where innovation is concerned. To encourage an atmosphere of play, the authors suggest we:

  1. Eliminate the risk of rejection or embarrassment
  2. Forget about goals; only then can your mind wander
  3. Create boundaries, areas where play is welcome and encouraged
  4. Encourage spontaneity and impulsiveness
  5. Be patient. Sometimes play yields great new ideas and sometimes it doesn’t, at least not right away. 

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