Three Reasons To Work At Home

Three Reasons To Work At Home

There are three reasons to work from home: it’s good for employers, it’s good for employees, and it’s good for your community. We go into the details in our forthcoming book, but here’s an overview:

Telecommuting Is Win for Employer and Employees

Employers benefit because they can attract and retain more talented employees by offering telecommuting options. They can draw on a national – even international – labor pool, and avoid relocation costs. Companies with telework programs find they can keep about a third of their employees that would otherwise quit because they need to take care of kids or parents, for example. Further, study after study shows that people who work from home are 10-30% more productive. And of course if they’re working from home companies need less office space – one company we talked to recently is now renting 1 million sq feet of office space they no longer need. Finally, a distributed workforce means companies can keep working of disaster strikes, or transportation workers strike.

Employees benefit from working at home because they can save otherwise wasted time and avoid the stress and cost of commuting. They also can can live in more attractive and less expensive areas. Workers can spend more time with family and friends, and they can work when they’re most productive. Contrary to popular opinion, teleworkers don’t become couch potatoes watching soap operas all day; to the contrary, a common complaint is they work more hours because they’re always “at the office.”

Communities benefit because they can help combat global warming with cleaner air and less traffic congestion: Environmental Protection Agency figures indicate that if just 10 percent of the nation’s workforce telecommuted just one day a week, Americans would conserve more than 1.2 million gallons of fuel per week. And teleworkers not only spend more time with their families, many of them spend part of the time they once spent commuting coaching Little League, tutoring kids at the library, planting a community garden, reading to seniors, etc..

So telecommuting is a win-win-win idea.


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