World Workplace 2018 – WE’s Week @ a Glance

World Workplace 2018 – WE’s Week @ a Glance

IFMA World Workplace 2018 is right around the corner and the Workplace Evolutionaries Community (WE) has a line-up you won’t want to miss. Be sure to come early. The fun and learning begins on Wednesday, October 4 at 8 a.m. (Charlotte NC).


Wednesday 10/4 kicks off at 8am and includes:

– A year of insights from the the industry’s top workplace innovators (led by renowned podcaster, Mike Petrusky from iOffice)

– Workshop: The Discovery that Forever Changed the Future and How we Work (led by best-selling author Bill Jensen)

– Explore the fascinating Erste Campus case study with workplace strategist Martin Ruppe

Shift Happens: IT, REAL, ESUS and WE come together for a cross-functional look at the Top 3 "Big Shifts” 


Thursday 10/5 look forward to:

– WE HUB Workshop: Share experiences with HUB leaders from around the world and learn how to start a HUB in your area

Seven great sessions on topics that include: Evolving Technologies and New Innovations, How FM Can Drive Culture and Engagement, Findings from the 5th Biennial Global Workplace Benchmarking Survey, Demystifying the Workplace Experience, Revelations and Calculations about Circulation, and Making the Change Process Predictable

-WE Tour, WE Learn, and WE socialize with IA


Friday offers a lineup worth staying for:

Six great sessions on: Redefining Experience, The Need for Focus, Quantifying the Impact of Workplace Change, Quantifying a Great Experience, The Future of Work Through the Lens of HR, IT, and CRE/FM, A New Landscape of Work, Cracking the Code on Unassigned Seating, and Hacking the Workplace.


Come Early and Stay Late so you don’t miss out!


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