Global Workplace Analytics helps organizations and communities understand and communicate the business case for workplace strategies that enhance employee and organizational performance such as mobile work, telecommuting, activity-based work, flexible work, and well-being initiatives.

Our flagship products include a Telework Savings Calculator™,  Workplace Savings Calculator™, and Wellness Savings Calculator™ which have been used by hundreds of U.S., U.K., and Canadian company and community leaders to quantify the economic, environmental, and societal potential of strategies that focus on helping employees bring their best selves to work.

We conduct primary and secondary research on how new ways of working can impact people, planet, and profits. While some of our research is sponsored by commercial entities, Global Workplace Analytics only partners with organizations whose funding or sponsorship allows objective and non-biased work.

Global Workplace Analytics’ clients include private sector employers, U.S. Government agencies, and state and local communities.

We have:

Kate working (1 of 1)About Kate Lister

Twitter @FutureWorkForce

Kate is president of Global Workplace Analytics and internationally recognized as an authority on emerging workplace strategies.

As a writer, Kate has co-authored three business books including Undress For Success: The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home (John Wiley & Sons 2009), a consumer title aimed at empowering employees to request, find, or create workplace flexibility. It has won the praise of top telework and work-life advocates including WorldatWork, the Canadian Telework Association, the Telework Coalition and many others. Jack Nilles—the father of telework, wrote the foreword for the book.

Kate’s other books include Finding Money–The Small Business Guide to Financing (Wiley, 1995; revised as eBook in 2010), and The Directory of Venture Capital (Wiley, 1996).

She recently contributed a chapter in the ROI of wellbeing to Work On The Move 2, a bestselling IFMA Foundation hardback.

Other writing:

As a speaker, Kate has delivered over a hundred lectures, webinars, and speeches for organizations including the U.S. General Services Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), WorldatWork, Citrix, International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), WorkshiftCalgary, Verizon, Watermark, Wharton School of Business, and Temple University; and she has developed training programs for Corestates Bank, Keystone Bank, Liberty Bank, Unisys, and Eastman Kodak.

As an entrepreneur, Kate has founded and led several successful businesses:

  • a consulting business that successfully helped hundreds of entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars from banks, government agencies, angels, and venture capitalists
  • an air tour business that grew into the largest of its kind in the country and was sold in 2006
  • a news distribution business that she purchased, built over ten years and sold to Knight-Ridder

As a corporate executive, Kate spent ten years as a corporate lender with two of the nation’s largest banks and a year as a partner with a venture capital firm.

As a philanthropist, Kate developed a microloan program aimed at helping welfare mothers start businesses. She convinced five major banks to provide seed grants for the loan fund based on the Grameen Bank (Bangladesh) circle-borrowing model – a concept that has since gained considerable notoriety. The program included business training and one-on-one counseling for the loan recipients.

Kate was a finalist in the Inc. magazine/Arthur Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Program, winner of an SBA award as Business Advocate of the Year and she was named Business Leader of the Year by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.


About Tom Harnish

Tom’s first technical journal article, The Psychologic Consequences of Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation, was published when he was a sophomore in college; as a junior, he taught computer programming at a night school; as a senior, he started the first commercial computer service bureau in Albuquerque.

After eight years in the Navy as a flyer, Tom joined Booz Allen & Hamilton as Consulting Scientist. As a Senior Scientist for the Online Computer Library Center he conceived and led the first U.S. trial—long before the Internet—of a networked home information service that included banking, news, an electronic encyclopedia, and library services. At Reynolds & Reynolds, he led a team of brilliant developers that created five of seven new products featured in the public company’s annual report including the first computerized illustrated parts catalog (for Honda), and the first showroom interactive video system (for Chrysler). He was President of a medical imaging start-up funded by Elsevier, then founder and president of Flightline Electronic Publishing which became Avantext.

Tom learned to fly 50 years ago and over the years established two National Aeronautics Association (NAA) and Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) world aviation speed records. He was a carrier-based Navy jet flyer and is a civilian pilot and flight instructor. He is an avid amateur astronomer, took graduate-level astronomy courses online from the University of Sydney and a graduate course in Customer Experience management from Karlstad University in Sweden, and was selected as a NASA Solar System Ambassador. He’s an award-winning photographer and has written articles on technology, aviation, and management.

Tom co-authored three business books with Kate that were published by John Wiley & Sons and he has written over 100 business and technology articles published online by American Express. Tom and Kate coauthored a chapter on the ROI of wellbeing in the IFMA Foundation Work On The Move 2 hardback.

Today his focus is on helping companies anticipate and manage change, a strategic process—which is not the same as change management, a tactical problem.

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