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We help employers maximize the

people, planet, and profit outcomes of their

work-from-home, mobile, and flexible workplace strategies

Global Workplace Analytics is a research-based consulting firm

dedicated to preparing employers for future of work.

They have been helping organizations optimize

work-from home, telecommuting, and flexible workplace strategies

for people, planet, and profit outcomes for over a decade.

The Results of the Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey are in!

Over 3,000 responded making it one of the largest

post-COVID employee survey to date.

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In a rapidly changing world, workplace and workforce agility is a must.

Your workplace strategy and work practices must support a wide range of business activities and be optimized to maximize employee:

Engagement | Productivity & Performance | Creativity | Innovation | Collaboration | Well-Being | Satisfaction | and More

And to stand the test of time, organizations

must continually measure program outcomes

against organizational goals such as:

• Attracting and retaining talent
• Reducing costs
• Enhancing collaboration
• Accelerating innovation
• Increasing employee engagement
• Improving productivity and performance
• Enhancing employee well-being

Global Workplace Analytics is a globally-recognized authority on helping employers and communities do all that and more.

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What We Do

We help stakeholders embrace the need for change. We advise employers and communities on workplace and workforce strategies that maximize employer, employee, environmental, and community outcomes.  And we produce original and secondary research to help our clients quantify change outcomes and others separate fact from fiction.



Our practice is informed by a proprietary database of over 5,000 documents on the impact of workplace and workforce practices on human, organizational, and societal outcomes. In collaboration with industry leaders, we publish and freely share original and secondary research on trending workplace and workforce topics.



We are commited to openly sharing our research and that of others in the interest in improving workplace and workforce strategies. Here you will find links to our research roundups, white papers, employer/employee/environmental impact calculators, sample documents, and more.



We one of the most widely-quoted voices on workplace and workforce trends including work-from-home/remote work, workplace design, workplace and workforce well-being, workplace technology, and more. We are frequently quoted in publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and many other respected media outlets around the globe.


Organizations that continue to use

19th Century workplace designs and

20th Century workforce practices to do

21st Century work

will not survive.

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