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And to stand the test of time, you must continually measure

the results you’ve achieved against organizational goals.

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We work with employers and communities to develop goals and measure the impacts of their workplace strategies. We convince stakeholders of the need for change. And we partner with a select group of workplace product and service providers in thought leadership and customer engagements.



Our practice is informed by a proprietary database of over 4,000 documents on agile work, telework and telecommuting, alternative workplace strategies, workplace flexibility, employee wellness and well-being, and more.



Here you will find tools you can use including a research roundup; white papers; company, employee, and environmental savings calculators; business cases; sample agreements; details on special topics such as ADA, tax, legal issues; and more.



We have become one of the top global authorities on mobile and remote work and a trusted resource on a wide variety of workplace topics for for some of the most prestigious media outlets around the globe.


Organizations that continue to use

19th Century workplace designs and

20th Century workplace practices to do

21st Century work

will not survive.

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Allsteel white paper points to identifies the need for a combined tactical, strategic, and business focus

Allsteel white paper points to identifies the need for a combined tactical, strategic, and business focus

"How does mobility factor into an organization’s real estate or workplace strategy within the context of increasingly collaborative work processes, an emphasis on positive workplace experiences, and new definitions of engagement and productivity? It all starts with creating your own definition of what mobility means that is aligned with the organization’s critical business goals, work processes, and culture."


The paper stresses that before embarking on a mobility program, organizations need to understand how and where people are working now, managers' attitudes toward remote work and experience with remote teams, the workspace itself and how mobility might support critical work processes and business goals. Optimal results only come when tactics, strategies, and business impacts are aligned. It ends with a useful Mobility Assessment Tool and Program Checklist.

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