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We work with employers and communities to develop goals and measure the impacts of their workplace strategies. We convince stakeholders of the need for change. And we partner with a select group of workplace product and service providers in thought leadership and customer engagements.



Our practice is informed by a proprietary database of over 4,000 documents on agile work, telework and telecommuting, alternative workplace strategies, workplace flexibility, employee wellness and well-being, and more.



Here you will find tools you can use including a research roundup; white papers; company, employee, and environmental savings calculators; business cases; sample agreements; details on special topics such as ADA, tax, legal issues; and more.



We have become one of the top global authorities on mobile and remote work and a trusted resource on a wide variety of workplace topics for for some of the most prestigious media outlets around the globe.


Organizations that continue to use

19th Century workplace designs and

20th Century workplace practices to do

21st Century work

will not survive.

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U.S. Workplace Survey 2019, Gensler Research Institute

The (Not So) Real Truth About Open Offices

If you opened an HBR article titled “The Truth About of Open Offices” you would probably expect to find august research to support the main tenet, that “open offices reduce collaboration.” Unfortunately, in the case of this one that ran in the December 2019 issue, you’d be disappointed. You probably heard the collective groan from the workplace community when the issue hit the street as...

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0 / / Jan 02, 2020
Autodesk’s Brand Story

Autodesk’s Brand Story

@WorkDesign offers thoughts on how to integrate a company’s brand into its space. What a brand stands for is what its space should communicate. Autodesk’s “Make Anything” brand story is reflected throughout its workplace design. Workplace design tells a story. It’s an opportunity to create an environment that demonstrates brand. Threaded throughout the story, and shown within every design element and expression, […] Click here...

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0 / / Dec 11, 2019
Internal survey show federal telework recall has devastated morale and failed to increase collaboration or productivity

Internal survey show federal telework recall has devastated morale and failed to increase collaboration or productivity

The Education Department changed its telework policy last year, requiring most employees to show up to the office at least four days a week.


When the U.S. Dept of Education recalled its teleworkers last year, they did so ostensibly to increase collaboration and improve customer service. Nine months have now passed and, based on a federal survey of over 2,100 supervisors and staff, the plan has back-fired. Not only do three-quarters of respondents say being in the office has not improved collaboration (only 6% say collaboration has improved), but over 87% say it has had a negative impact on morale, 86% say they know coworkers who already have or may leave the agency as a result of the change, and 75% say it has not improved productivity. Among supervisors, 77% expressed dissatisfaction with the telework policy changes.

0 / / Dec 03, 2019