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In a rapidly changing world, workplace agility is a must.

Your workplace strategy and work practices must support a wide range of

business activities and be optimized to maximize employee:

Engagement  |  Productivity  |  Creativity  |  Innovation

And to stand the test of time, you must continually measure

the results you’ve achieved against organizational goals.

We are a globally-recognized authority on helping organizations do just that.

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We work with employers and communities to develop goals and measure the impacts of their workplace strategies. We convince stakeholders of the need for change. And we partner with a select group of workplace product and service providers in thought leadership and customer engagements.



Our practice is informed by a proprietary database of over 4,000 documents on agile work, telework and telecommuting, alternative workplace strategies, workplace flexibility, employee wellness and well-being, and more.



Here you will find tools you can use including a research roundup; white papers; company, employee, and environmental savings calculators; business cases; sample agreements; details on special topics such as ADA, tax, legal issues; and more.



We have become one of the top global authorities on mobile and remote work and a trusted resource on a wide variety of workplace topics for for some of the most prestigious media outlets around the globe.


Organizations that continue to use

19th Century workplace designs and

20th Century workplace practices to do

21st Century work

will not survive.

Let Us Help You Make the Case for Change!

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Health impacts depend on what kind of workaholic you are 

Health impacts depend on what kind of workaholic you are 

It’s about how you approach work, not how long you spend there.


Work-a-holics possess over work and even if they don't work long hours, they are still more likely to develop cardiovascular disease or diabetes than non-work-a-holics. By contrast, the research cited in this HBR article suggests that while those who work long hours not because they are possessed, but because they love what they do, are generally not at greater risk for serious health problems. The difference appears to be the ability to let it go and refresh. It the chronic rumination that is most toxic.

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WE/IFMA introduces first Workplace Management program—July 10 Launch

WE/IFMA introduces first Workplace Management program—July 10 Launch

Workplace Management is a dynamic, emerging discipline that designs and delivers an organization’s unique workplace experience, aligning it to strategic drivers and business goals.  It coordinates all the disciplines and infrastructure needed to deliver an integrated ‘experience’ in a powerful, economic and effective way, every day.


The Workplace Management Program (WMP) is comprised of four modules, each of which includes three live Webinars  and one on-site Workshop.  The completion of all Modules and final Workshop will lead to a certificate of completion in Workplace Management. This is the first certificate of completion program in our industry! Space is limited. Sign up now:

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Join an upcoming WE:binar or watch one you missed

Join an upcoming WE:binar or watch one you missed

"On the third Thursday of each month, Megan Campbell and Emily Dunn hosts a stimulating webinar on a leading workplace topics. Members receive an invitation in advance and a link to recordings following the webinar."


June WE:binar: Moving the Needle on Workplace Outcomes Using Evidence-Based Practice

Speaker: Dr. Shreya Sarkar-Barney, founder and CEO of Human Capital Growth (HCG), an evidence-based talent management firm


Despite escalating investments in workplace programs, human capital challenges have become perennial. For the last decade, talent scarcity has remained among the top five CEO concerns and employee engagement scores have barely improved. By leveraging an evidence-based approach and leaning on 150 years of science, workplace strategists have the opportunity to drive measurable outcomes for people and business. This webinar will reveal an innovative approach that allows workplace strategists to make informed decisions and move the needle on what matters.


Date: Thursday, June 20, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Click Here to RSVP

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