We help communities create and execute strategies around the changing nature of work

We have helped design, develop, and deploy programs to address the shift for where, when, and how people work Washington, California, Texas, Maryland, Los Angeles, Calgary, among the European Union, and elsewhere

Let us help your community, government, or TDM program reduce greenhouse gases through remote work


“The Capitol Campus Telework project provided an opportunity to work with Global Workplace Analytics once again. Their team helped us update our decade-old business case for distributed work, wrote and reviewed chapters of the report, and provided excellent guidance and connections to resources in support of the project. Our regional elected officials and statewide boards gave glowing reviews of her presentations. They found the information she provided timely and credible and her presentation style accessible and were impressed by how deeply her work was backed by solid research. As we move forward with other workplace initiatives, Kate will continue to be our first pick for guidance around how we navigate and shape our strategies around the changing nature of work and its impact on our region.”