Employer Workplace Savings Calculator Lite

This is a lite version of our Employer Workplace Savings Calculator™. We invite you to use it to estimate your existing or potential savings from new ways of working such as telework, hoteling, desk sharing, and activity-based work. The prepopulated assumptions (in yellow) are based on our Federal Workplace Savings Calculator™, but you can easily change them to fit your own situation.

Over 600 calculations are made to arrive at the results below. The only difference between the Lite and Pro versions is the number of fields you can vary. The Lite version on this page allows only a handful of user-supplied variables. The Pro version offers over a hundred. You can view (but not change) the other variable fields on the tabs to the right of the main tab. The standard assumptions that pre-populate all fields are based on a synthesis of over 4,000 public and private sector data points.

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