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While we offer a wide range of consulting services focused on new ways of working, we specialize in helping organizations and communities make the business case for emerging workplace strategies such as mobile work, telecommuting, flexible work, office hoteling and more. And we have compelling numbers that show the ROI on wellness programs are astounding.

For public and private sector employers we:

  • Create custom Workplace Savings Calculators and models that combine our extensive research with data specific to your organization
  • Write white papers, articles, and custom business case analyses
  • Make presentations (live or virtual) to various constituent groups (C-suite, middle managers, employees)
  • Help shepherd the transition process through participation in various committees and task forces
  • Help you overcome the barriers to new workplace strategies by advising on global best practices
  • Assist in developing, benchmarking, and tracking program goals and performance
  • Quantify the greenhouse gas and air quality impact of your programs that reduce commuter travel (Scope 3 reductions)
  • Provide introductions to other organizations and resources with proven track records that can help ensure your program success
  • Keep you up to date on the latest industry research and trends in emerging workplace strategies
  • Provide custom research on specific topics related to alternative workplace strategies

For community advocacy clients and regional pilot programs we:

  • Develop custom models to determine the potential economic, environmental and traffic impact of telework, bike-to-work, ride-share and other transportation demand management (TDM) strategies on the local economy
  • Assist in the development of funding proposals for TDM programs
  • Analyze historical mode-of-travel trends and project outlook based on area industry and population data
  • Make presentations to various stakeholder groups
  • Develop custom calculators and mobile apps that allow users to quantify the economic and environmental benefits of various TDM options.

E-Learning/M-Learning in collaboration with global leader,

In collaboration with, we offer e-learning and m-learning that is customizable, multi-media (i.e. video, photos, narration) and interactive (i.e. quizzes, downloadable content, navigation). is the leading global provider of web and learning platform-based training specific to new ways of working and workplace flexibility. Their courses can be fully branded as your own in as little as two weeks. All courses are 508 compliant and are available in multiple languages. See below for free trial access to’s most popular courses.

Free Resources Training Trial Access

Trial access to‘s most popular remote work training programs the training of choice for AT&T, Nissan, Aflac, Plantronics, USDA, NREL and hundreds of other leading public and private sector employers. Use code “gwa-sub” on the form in the middle of‘s home page.

White Papers

  • Federal Telework: Obstacles and Opportunities
  • Federal Telework-Return on Taxpayer Investment
  • The Bottom Line on Telework – California State Workforce
  • The State of Telework in the US – Five Year Trend and Forecast
  • The Bottom Line on Telework In Canada
  • The Shifting Nature of Work In The UK
  • Results-Based Management – Unlock Talent, Increase Productivity
  • Telework: The Bottom Line Benefits (US)
  • Sample Custom Bottom Line Benefits Report

Savings Calculators

Why Us?

We have worked with private and public sector employers and conducted rigorous research that includes the of synthesis thousands of case studies, papers, books, and other relevant documents on emerging workplace strategies throughout the world.

Our research has been cited in hundreds of other publications including the Wall Street JournalHarvard Business ReviewWashington Post.

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