Free Books on Telecommuting, Freelancing and Home Based Business

If you need more information you’ve come to the right place. But there’s oodles and oodles of more information available to you elsewhere and it’s completely free. Where? Why at you local library of course.

Yeah, we know, the web is just a few clicks away, and the library is over an the other side of town. What if I get there and they don’t have what I want, you ask?

We’re glad you asked! Just use this amazing tool called WorldCat to find books, DVDs, CDs, and even articles in nearby libraries or any library in the world. Search right here by subject, title, and author. What could be easier for finding books on telecommuting, freelancing or home based business?

But what if the item I want is already in circulation, it’s already checked out, you ask?

We’re glad you asked that too! Find the book you want in some other library, and then call your local libary and ask for the ILL Librarian. No not the ill librarian, silly. ILL, as in Inter Library Loan. For a small fee, only a dollar or two usually, they’ll order the book and contact you by email when they have it for you.

Now is that convenient for finding telecommuting, freelancing or home based business books or what?

Disclaimer: Tom was a Senior Scientist at OCLC, the Online Computer Library Center, where among other things he lead a research project investigating ways to delivery library services into the home. From that experience he learned to appreciate the incredibly wide, and largely unappreciated, services libraries provide to their community. And he also learned that the caricature of a librarian as a prissy woman with her hair in a bun is entirely inaccurate. Librarians are not all women, for one thing, and those that are, are smarter than average, and better looking than average. But then that’s just one guy’s opinion. Visit a library and find out for yourself. Who knows, you might take one home…a book that is. Or a CD, or a DVD, or even a painting. Yes, some libraries even loan fine art.