White Papers

We have synthesized over 4,000 case studies, research papers, and other documents on how workplace strategies such as agile work, flexible work, activity-based work, hoteling, open plan, and remote work can impact productivity, attraction and retention, profits, absenteeism and presenteeism, employee workplace wellness and well-being, engagement, satisfaction, sustainability, and more.

Based on that research we have built hundreds of custom Workplace Savings Calculators™ to model the people/planet/profit impact of agile work for public and private sector employers and communities in the US, UK, and Canada.

We’ve also produced a number of whitepapers with details on the effect of these new strategies. Free versions of the papers, without footnotes or references are available for download below. The complete documents are available for a fee as indicated below.

WORKshift Canada: The Bottom Line On Telework

This report shows how part-time telecommuting by the 4.3 million Canadians with compatible jobs and a desire to work from home could have a bottom line impact of over $53 billion per year. An employer with 250 telecommuters, for example, would save over $3 million per year

WORKshift Canada: The Bottom Line On Telework (redacted)

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