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We are constantly updating our database of over 4,000 documents on telework, alternative workplace strategies, and workplace flexibility. Please call or email for the latest data or for additional information (, 760-703-0377 Pacific Time).

A note to people who are looking for work-at-home jobs:

While our primary focus is the corporate side of agile workplace strategies, we maintain a website called Undress4Success to help people find legitimate work at home jobs. We also wrote a book on the topic for John Wiley & Sons called, Undress For Success: The Naked Truth About Working From Home.

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Kate Lister   Article on New Ways of Working by Kate Lister and Kate North

Kate Lister   Kate Lister photograph / headshot

Tom Harnish    Tom Harnish photograph / headshot

   Video from our YouTube Channel 

    Other YouTube video (apologies for the poor audio)