Standard Telework Savings Calculator™

The results of this Telework Savings Calculator™ have been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Harvard Business Review, and many other publications.

There are three versions of the model:

1) Our free Standard Telework Savings Calculator™ (below) allows you to quantify the potential benefits of home-based work for the whole U.S., individual states, counties, congressional districts, metro areas, or cities. It’s based on U.S. Census data plus 59 variables and constants we’ve gleaned from the most respected research on the topic. It can be used to quantify the benefits of working from home in terms of: reducing fossil fuel usage; lowering greenhouse gases; saving money for companies, individuals, and communities; increasing productivity; reducing absenteeism; increasing retention; improving traffic safety; reducing road wear and tear; and improving work-life balance.

2) Our free Modifiable Telework Savings Calculator includes all of the above and allows you to quantify how much a telecommuting program could save your company or community based on the size of your workforce.

3) Our fully Custom Telework Savings Model allows our clients to define the more than three dozen assumptions behind the model (Click here for a list of the customizable assumptions). Pricing for this option is based on the extent of customization and the level of output required. Please call us at 760-703-0377 to discuss your needs.

Reporters On Assignment: If you need additional details or would like us to do a custom calculation, email us at  info[at]teleworkresearchnetwork[dot]com. Please let us know what organization you represent and your deadline. Reporters on deadline are welcome to call us at 760-703-0377 or 760-473-2574.


Note: You can only search on one area at a time – all 50 states, a given state, or within a state a county, congressional district, metro area, or city. Not all cities are available as they weren’t included in the census data. Click here to change the number of potential telecommuters.



Click here to modify assumptions

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