Customizable Assumptions

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Our Agile Workplace Strategy research, used for the calculator, is the most authoritative and widely cited in the nation.

Our standard assumptions, based on a synthesis of over 4,000 studies on telework and alternative workplace strategies, can be modified to create a custom Workplace Savings Model™ or Workplace Flexibility Savings Model™ for your company or community.

In addition to data specific to your region (nation, state, county, city, congressional district), or type of organization (private sector, public sector, for-profit, not-for-profit) we can change any of the standard assumptions listed below or add new ones specific to your organization.

The cost of our custom models and business cases vary based on the size of your organization and the complexity of your model. Please call us at 760-703-0377 (U.S. Pacific time) to discuss your specific needs. Our services are described in more detail here.

General Assumptions

% Who could Work Remotely, Desk Share, Hotel, Time Shift, Day Shift, etc.
% Who want to Work Remotely, Desk Share, Hotel, Time Shift, Day Shift, etc.
Commuting Mix (public transportation, solo drivers, car pool, etc)
Assumed Participation Frequency
Employee Hours Per Week
Employee Hours Per Day
Workweeks Per Year
Assumed Reduction in Driving (%)
Assumed Reduction in Trips (%)
$ / Gallon of Gas
Round-trip Commute in Minutes
Average Round Trip Commuting Miles / Per Person
Average Miles Per Gallon

Corporate Savings Assumptions

Average or Specific Wages for Various Job Categories
Fringe Benefit % / Employers Share of Taxes

Measure of Productivity Per Person/Year
Assumed Increase in Productivity

Real Estate
Average Office Size
$/Square Foot
Average Real Estate Cost /Year/Employee
Assumed Real Estate Reduction
Change in Person/Desk Ratio

Office Building Electricity
kWh/Year Difference Between Home/Office Electricity
Average kWh / Year for Traditional Office
$ per kWh Traditional office

Unscheduled Absences
Cost/Employee/Year for Unscheduled Absences
Average Absences/Year
Cost per Unscheduled Absence
% Reduction in Absences

Cost of Losing an Employee
Cost of Turnover per Employee
Average Turnover / Year
Assumed Reduction in Turnover
Other Per Person Savings Assumptions (e.g. parking/transit subsidies)
Other Aggregate Annual Company Savings (e.g. parking lot leases)
Per Person or Aggregate Costs (e.g. training, IT infrastructure, reimbursements)

% Reduction in Healthcare Costs
% Reduction in Workers Compensation
% Reduction in Health Insurance Premiums

Information Technology
% Increase / Decrease in Per Person or Aggregate IT costs

Community Savings Assumptions

$ Barrel Oil
Greenhouse Gas Per Vehicle Mile or Gallon of Gas (tons)
Vehicle Mix
Air Quality Factors (Reactive Organic Gases, Oxides in Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Particulate Matter, Trip End Factors)

Accident Metrics
Fatality per 100 million Vehicle Miles Traveled
Injury per 100 million Vehicle Miles Traveled
Accident per # of VMT
Cost per Fatality
Cost per Injury

Highway Costs Maintenance / Mile

Employee Savings Assumptions

IRS Mileage Allowance or Preferred Vehicle Cost Data
Individual: Non-Gas Office Costs
Parking / Day
Lunch / Day
Work Clothes / Day
Miscellaneous Daily Expenses (e.g. tolls, gifts, eldercare, office kitties)
Other Individual Office Savings/Day
Extra Home Electricity Used
$ Per kWh/Year for Home Office
Cost Per kWh for Home Electricity
Other Individual Savings/Year (e.g. mortgage, taxes, vehicle insurance)
Other Individual Costs (e.g. home office equipment, connectivity, etc.)