Work From Home Experience Survey – CoreNet

Please participate in ground-breaking research by taking our 10-minute Work-from-Home Experience Survey.


The results will be freely shared to help global employers learn all they can from the employee experience during the Covid-19 crisis. We want to help employers emerge from this extraordinary time with new insights, practices, and approaches for the future of work.

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Why should I take the survey?

The results of this survey will help employers develop, refine, and deliver better work experiences for on-site and off-site employees, both now and in the future. For example, it will help them:

  • Make better decisions about technology provisioning, work flexibility, work practices and more 
  • Develop and deliver training where needed 
  • Understand how various factors improve or inhibit productivity, collaboration,  communication, and more
  • Understand the impact of WFH on employee satisfaction, stress, engagement, and more 
  • Identify cultural, technological and other obstacles to WFH and develop strategies for overcoming them 


What will the survey reveal?

The Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey will reveal:

  • What is and isn’t working for people who are working from home due to the Covid-19 crisis
  • Correlations between work-at-home effectiveness and organizational, technological, and employee readiness
  • Priorities for improving the work-from-home and workplace experience
  • The existing and potential impact of work-from-home on employer, employee, and environmental outcomes
  • Insights into what impact Covid-19 will have on the future of work

Who should take the survey?

This survey is designed to be taken by public and private sector employees and self-employed persons whether they are part-time or full-time. Respondents are asked to answer the questions based on the work they do as their primary source of income and from their perspectives as an employee.

I’m an employer, can I send the survey link to my employees? 

We hope you will. This crisis, though tragic, also represents an unparalleled opportunity to study remote work and its impact on employers, employees, and the environment and support informed decision making for next-generation workplace strategies. All you need to do is forward your link to your employees and encourage their participation. If you are a leader of an association or an employer and would like to benchmark your group against all respondents, keep reading.

Can I get a comparison of our results against the full set of respondents? 

In the interest of research, we are eager to have you share the survey link with your employees, but since respondents are not asked for their name or email address, we would not have any way of knowing what organization they work for unless we create a custom survey link.

We would be happy to benchmark your group against the broader set of respondents and even administer follow-up surveys, but some fees (deeply discounted) will apply.

If you don’t want to make this decision now, but think you might want to benchmark results at a later time, be sure to request a free custom link now as there will be no way to identify your group at a later time. Email for additional details about customization options and prices.

I belong to an association that would like to distribute this survey to our members? 

In the interest of reaching a diverse audience and getting the most robust results possible, we are happy to have you share the survey link with members of your association or group. If you would like the results of your group benchmarked separately, we can provide a custom survey link but since the survey administration and analyses are being performed by WE volunteers, there would be a charge to do this. If you would discuss this option, please email us for details.

How long with the survey be open? 

The survey was launched on March 24th and will close on April 24th. If you are interested in using the survey for your members or employees after the close, please email

When will the survey results be available? How will they be shared? 

Survey results will likely be available in early to mid-May. The results and information gleaned from them will be shared through webinars, at industry conferences, and in media releases. No companies or individuals will be identified as participants in the survey without their written consent.

How will respondent privacy be assured?

  • The Survey is GDPR compliant
  • Survey participation is completely voluntary 
  • No email addresses or personally-identifiable information will be collected
  • All responses will be anonymous 
  • All data will be treated confidentially 
  • All results will be based on aggregated responses

Who created the survey? Who will be analyzing the results?

The Work-From-Home Experience Survey was developed and will be analyzed by a collaborative team led by industry experts and thought leaders in work-from-home and other emerging workplace strategies, Dr. Anita Kamouri (Co-Founder of Iometrics), and Kate Lister (President of Global Workplace Analytics). 

How will the data be analyzed?

The researchers will be using significance tests to compare group differences, regression analysis to derive statistically significant drivers of engagement and productivity, and statistical modeling to estimate future impacts. The statistical confidence levels will be determined by the number of valid responses. Results with a minimum confidence level of 95% (p<.05) will be reported.

Intellectual Property

The Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey is under copyright by Iometrics © 2020. All rights reserved. It is supported by employers and industry groups (including CoreNet), through distribution to their employees/members.


If any of your questions are not answered here, please email