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Let’s face it, there just isn’t enough time to read everything you want to about the world of work. No worries, now you don’t have to. We read all the important news stories, the latest research, and other sources of information and deliver it to you in short, easy-to-read chunks and add our two cents to boot.

Workplace Savings Calculators

A U.S. General Accountability Office report to Congress called our Telework Savings Calculator “comprehensive and based on solid research.”

Thousands of employers have used our calculators to make the people, planet, and profit business case for various workplace strategies. Each is informed by our proprietary research database that includes over 5,000 case studies, research papers, government reports, books, and news items on workplace strategies that impact human and organizational agility and performance. While some of our calculators are only available to our enterprise clients, we make lite versions of several available for free:

• Telework Employer Savings Calculator (™)

• Telework Employee Savings Calculator (™)

• Telework Environmental Savings Calculator (™)

• Well-Being Savings Calculator (™)

• Ergonomic Savings Calculator (™)

• Dual Monitor Savings Calculator (™)

• Custom calculators based on client or sponsor-specific needs

Free White Papers & Articles

  • Remote work during COVID-19
  • Telecommuting trends and best practices (U.S. and elsewhere)
  • The ROI of remote work/telecommuting
  • Workplace experience
  • Results-based management
  • Co-working
  • Future of Work industry profiles
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee health and well-being

Telework Statistics and Other Research Roundups

COVID-19/Pandemic Employer Resources

Consumer/Employee Resources for Finding Work at Home Jobs

While we are not in the business of helping individuals find or create work-at-home jobs, we did write a book about just that. We make lots of free advice from Undress for Success (Wiley, 2009) available at