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Updated 9/29/15: Reliable, fact-based analyses derived from over 4,000 documents on agile work, telework and telecommuting, alternative workplace strategies, workplace flexibility, and worker wellness and well-being



Tools you can use including a research roundup, white papers, company and employee savings calculators, business cases, sample agreements, details on special topics such as ADA, tax, legal issues. and more



When you need to convince someone, we can help you make the business case for workplace strategies such as mobile work, telecommuting, flexible work, office hoteling and more.



Story ideas for writers, speeches and presentations for plagiarizers, press coverage for Mom; plus PR materials , news releases, random thoughts, and some digital detritus we couldn’t fit anywhere else


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Based on our work with public and private sector employers and an examination of over 4,000 documents, case studies, and research papers, we’ve built models to quantify the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of alternative workplace strategies for the US, UK, and Canada. Hundreds of organization and community leaders have used our custom models to make their own case for workplace change.

Global Workplace Analytics conducts independent research and consults on emerging workplace issues and opportunities. We specialize in making the management case for workplace flexibility, well-being programs, mobile work, activity-based work settings, and other agile workplace strategies.

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Recent Posts


SHRM predicts new overtime rule will reduce telework. Don’t let it happen to you.

The range of workplace changes brought on by the new overtime rule will be broad, including the possible demise of telecommuting at affected companies.


Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Are we really going to let overtime rules define workplace strategy? Workplace flexibility is one of the most sought-after employee "benefits." It's critical to reducing work-life conflict and employee stress. For employers, it has been proven (over and over) to increase productivity, enhance attraction and retention, reduce real estate costs, improve disaster preparedness, and much more.


This is the 21st century. We're not going back to the 9-5 (or 6, 7, 8), sit-at-a-desk-all-day routine. Employers who let administrative burden dictate workplace strategy will do so at their detriment. 


And by the way, DOL regulations aren't the only problem. The IRS, state tax rules, workers comp laws and others need to wake up to the fact that work is a verb, not a noun.

0 / / May 04, 2016
Mobile-Optimized Work Environments Drive Measurably Higher Employee Engagement and Business Performance | Aruba Networks Newsroom

Mobile-Optimized Work Environments Drive Measurably Higher Employee Engagement and Business Performance | Aruba Networks Newsroom

This report proves that CIOs have the opportunity to use their mobile technology strategies to influence the employee experience – and therefore the productivity, creativity, loyalty and satisfaction of their workers. This is a departure from the usual target outcomes of efficiency and cost optimization, and allows IT to make a more meaningful contribution, both to the strategic ambitions of the organization and to the lives of its workers”.


The report is really worth reading. Like a handful of prior studies, it shows the affinity for mobile spans all generations. Employers who provide the best mobile technology support benefit from increased productivity, creativity, satisfaction, and loyalty. 

0 / / May 03, 2016
Workshifting: The Business Case – our latest white paper written for Shaw Business and WorkShiftCanada

Workshifting: The Business Case – our latest white paper written for Shaw Business and WorkShiftCanada

"Thanks to technology, people are no longer tethered to a “place of work.” They can communicate, collaborate and connect from wherever they are and that changes everything."


Here's our latest white paper: "Workshifting The Business Case." It's about the ROI of mobile work in Canada. We wrote it for Shaw Business, Western Canada's leading network and communications provider and WorkshiftCanada.

0 / / May 03, 2016

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