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telecommuting, hoteling, desk sharing, agile work, open office, flexible work, and wellness programs.

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Reliable, fact-based analyses derived from over 4,000 documents on agile work, telework and telecommuting, alternative workplace strategies, workplace flexibility, and worker wellness and well-being



Tools you can use including a research roundup, white papers, company and employee savings calculators, business cases, sample agreements, details on special topics such as ADA, tax, legal issues. and more



When you need to convince someone, we can help you make the business case for workplace strategies such as mobile work, telecommuting, flexible work, office hoteling and more.



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Based on our work with public and private sector employers and an examination of over 4,000 documents, case studies, and research papers, we’ve built models to quantify the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of alternative workplace strategies for the US, UK, and Canada. Hundreds of organization and community leaders have used our custom models to make their own case for workplace change.

Global Workplace Analytics conducts independent research and consults on emerging workplace issues and opportunities. We specialize in making the management case for workplace flexibility, well-being programs, mobile work, activity-based work settings, and other agile workplace strategies.

ROI Calculator™ Creates Your Validated Business Case


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United States Government Accountability Office 2016 Report:
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Recent Posts

What Canadians like, dislike, need, want from their workplaces & even their facilities managers

What Canadians like, dislike, need, want from their workplaces & even their facilities managers

This study, conducted by Staples, included over 500 Canadian employees. 


The report covers a wide range of topics and is well worth reading if you're interested in what's happening in Canadian work trends. It includes a surprise section on what employees want and expect from their facility managers and how they feel about their offices.


Highlights of the Facilities Management (FM) section:

- 82% of employees feel their FM plays a role in their success

- 59% say FMs are underappreciated

- 65% say the FMs role should be strategic and they should be given maximum resources to get their job done


Other Highlights:

- Only 29% of employers offer agile seating

- 38% work in open space, 38% work in semi-open space, and 23% work in mostly closed offices

- 66% spend some of their time working outside the office. Of those 48% sometime work at home and 17% sometimes work in co-working spaces

- 48% say the look and feel of the office space is a major factor in selecting an employer


Other topics covered in the study include:

  • Workplace distractions
  • Health and wellness
  • Seasonal and vacation habits

0 / / Jun 14, 2018
Nearly all professionals say they need flexibility, but only half say their job offers it

Nearly all professionals say they need flexibility, but only half say their job offers it

"In our study on flexibility in the modern workforce, we set out to determine whether a gap exists between flexibility supply and demand. In other words, how many people need flexibility, and how many people actually have it? To find out, we surveyed 1,583 white-collar professionals representative of the U.S. workforce at large."


While more than 9 out of 10 professionals surveyed say they want flexibility in when and where they work, less than half have it. The study also found:

  • Only 29% felt the way the worked was sustainable over time
  • Only 37% felt inspired by their workspace
  • Only 29% said they brought their whole self to work


Respondents without flexibility were:

  • 2x more likely to quit
  • 2x more likely to be dissatisfied with work 
  • Had employee net promoter scores 48 points lower


The study suggests a wide range of flexible work options including flexible hours, flexible location, reduced travel, and part-time work. 



0 / / Jun 08, 2018
Vermont will pay employees $10k to move there and telecommute

Vermont will pay employees $10k to move there and telecommute

"The money — part of a grant program designed to draw tech workers and revitalize the state’s aging work force — is intended to help with costs like relocation, computer software and hardware, broadband access and membership in a shared professional space."


Desperate to renew its dwindling population, Vermont will pay people up to $10k (over 2 years) to establish a permanent home there. The only catch is they have to work remotely for an out of state company. Funding is limited, so grab your skies, pick your cheese, and head on over to their website.

0 / / Jun 02, 2018

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