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Global Workplace Analytics helps organizations and communities

understand and communicate the business case

for emerging workplace strategies such as

telecommuting, hoteling, desk sharing, agile work, open office, flexible work, and wellness programs.

In a rapidly changing world

Engagement • Productivity • Creativity • Innovation

Must — and can — be quantified

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Reliable, fact-based analyses derived from over 4,000 documents on agile work, telework and telecommuting, alternative workplace strategies, workplace flexibility, and worker wellness and well-being



Tools you can use including a research roundup, white papers, company and employee savings calculators, business cases, sample agreements, details on special topics such as ADA, tax, legal issues. and more



When you need to convince someone, we can help you make the business case for workplace strategies such as mobile work, telecommuting, flexible work, office hoteling and more.



Story ideas for writers, speeches and presentations for plagiarizers, press coverage for Mom; plus PR materials , news releases, random thoughts, and some digital detritus we couldn’t fit anywhere else


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We Can Help You Make The Case For Change

Today’s companies can’t use

19th Century organizations


20th Century management

to do

21st Century work

We Make The Case For Place

Based on our work with public and private sector employers and an examination of over 4,000 documents, case studies, and research papers, we’ve built models to quantify the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of alternative workplace strategies for the US, UK, and Canada. Hundreds of organization and community leaders have used our custom models to make their own case for workplace change.

Global Workplace Analytics conducts independent research and consults on emerging workplace issues and opportunities. We specialize in making the management case for workplace flexibility, well-being programs, mobile work, activity-based work settings, and other agile workplace strategies.

ROI Calculator™ Creates Your Validated Business Case


4,000 Sources

600 Calculations

100 Variables


We Have The Facts and We Speak C-Suite


United States Government Accountability Office 2016 Report:
Global Workplace Analytics calculator is comprehensive and based on solid research.


Recent Posts

Stress does NOT decrease longevity…unless you believe it does

Stress does NOT decrease longevity…unless you believe it does

Eight year study of 28k people "found that having a lot of stress in your life was not linked with premature death. But having a lot of stress in your life and believing it was taking a toll on your health increased risk of dying by 43 percent.


The lesson here is we need to learn how to change how we think about stress and even use it to our advantage.


The next time you're feeling stressed, think about how: 

  • That pounding heartbeat gathering energy to ready your body for the challenge
  • Your heavy breathing is simply oxygenating your brain to help you think more clearly
  • Your increased blood pressure is fueling your muscles and strengthening your body

0 / / Jul 25, 2017
Japan turns to telework to improve work-life balance

Japan turns to telework to improve work-life balance

More and more Japanese companies are rising to the call of prime minister Shinzo Abe to fix Japan's moribund economy by giving employees the flexibility to work remotely. The practice is known as "telework," or terewaku, in Japan, and it's slowly gaining traction in a country where corporate norms such as putting in face time i


Here's a interesting read about the push for more workplace flexibility in Japan that's actually being led by the prime minister. The challenges they mention are a flashback to decades past in the US and other countries. But their strong culture of facetime may be a unique change management issue.

0 / / Jul 24, 2017
Future of Work Predictions: Technology will be liberate us from the tyranny of geography

Future of Work Predictions: Technology will be liberate us from the tyranny of geography

"In short, we will see more disruptive innovation than in the whole of the 20th century...Increasingly, in most business sectors, we will be able to work wherever we want to. In this ‘anywhere economy’ the glue that holds everything together as a fluid and functioning dispersed work eco-system will be hyper-connected digital networks"


I love the sentence about being "liberated by the tyranny of geography." The author talks about the impact of BYOD, fear of being replaced by technology, flying cars, eating bugs, and more.

0 / / Jul 20, 2017

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